Our philosophy on management is to play a proactive role in the management of your Community. Our function is not only to respond to requests, but to identify and offer resolutions to problems before they arise. Our commitment is to meet the needs of the owners of the property, whether managing for one owner of an individual unit, or the Board of Directors of an entire community.

The policies and procedures established by the owners form the basis of your community and it is our responsibility to implement those policies. We believe that our experience will help guide and assist the owners in making knowledgeable, economical and timely decisions.

  • The computer system used by PASCO efficiently handles the day-to-day operations of your community.
  • Custom application of our system, unique for each community, provides preemptive and responsive management.
  • Experienced PASCO associates who are interested in condominium and cooperative living assure homeowners of unsurpassed performance in the community maintenance and management.


It is the goal of PASCO Property Management, Inc. to provide to the Board of Directors and the owners the best management service available in the field of multifamily housing.